Group-Work & Group Therapy

Groups can offer a space to explore how you relate interpersonally, a place to safely explore aspects of your identity or culture, to challenge yourself, they can also look at a specific issue for example assertiveness, dealing with difficult emotions, living with depression or social anxiety. I have been offering group work for nearly twenty years and this has included conducting personal development and therapeutic groups in the voluntary and community sector.

“It has been a pleasure and made us look at things in a different light”
“Eye opening, good discussion, interesting and amazing – thank-you”

Peer Support Group

HIV Charity

A Personal Development Group or Therapy Group offers:

  • A space where you can gain peer support and learn from each other.
  • Learn how to accept oneself and others.
  • An opportunity for you to grow in confidence, self-esteem and to feel less isolated.
  • A space to deal with the highs and lows of life.
  • A space where you can gain support and ideas from others for making changes in the future.

“Living with HIV and Hep C in a big city like London can be extremely lonely and isolating, and this group has helped me to meet others in a context of honesty and mutual support which seems genuine and positive”
“Thanks for last night. I found it extremely useful and helpful. Long may it continue; as we need this support within the community”

Co-Exist Peer Support Group

Participants Feedback, London Friend

If you are an organisation enquiring about offering groups such as a personal development group for employees or a themed group depending what your employees are presenting with. I can tailor a group to meet your organisational needs and budget.

I wanted to thank-you for your help in the past. Although, not obvious at first, with your guidance and good counselling, I did manage to improve my situation. I’m still working at it, but then I am a slow worker and the mountain to climb seems to never end! You are very kind, thoughtful and considerate person

Participant Feedback

Therapeutic Group

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ManSize Tissues

ManSize Tissues

This blog is not what you think it will be about. Each week in the room I use on a Wednesday evening, to see my Gender Queer, Non-Binary and Transgender clients, there sits a box of Man Size Tissues. These are on the table between us.

Views from above The Apple Tree

Views from above The Apple Tree

Joel Korn Counselling is pleased to announce that it is moving to the heart of Clerkenwell. To a therapy room above The Apple Tree Public House. The Apple Tree Public House has a long history dating back to 1833 and so it has solid foundations to support you to sort out your emotional basement.

Shine Through 

Shine Through 

Following twenty years of working in the LGBT community, under the banner of ‘Joel Korn Counselling’ I am pleased to announce the launch of my new venture: ‘Shine Through’. 

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