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In this blog I am going to discuss loneliness, not such a new phenomenon. Loneliness has often presented itself in my therapy room. In my younger years loneliness was a feeling that I would do anything to avoid or find ways to numb it away.

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Transcultural Therapy

In this blog, I am going to look at Transcultural Therapy (also known as Intercultural Therapy) and explore how it differs from mainstream counselling. The approach considers the whole being of the client and the client’s cultural experience in the world...

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Life Beyond The Rainbow

I’m writing this blog in memory of Gilbert Baker (above) who died aged 65 over the weekend. The artist based in San Francisco in 1978 created the rainbow flag as a symbol for the gay community. Gilbert Baker’s original flag had eight colours, each representing a...

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Trauma & TLC

As it was International Holocaust Memorial Day I felt it was a good time to reflect on Trauma. In our modern life, we can only watch the television news or read the newspaper to witness the trauma that is happening every minute of every day, across the world.

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