Addictions & Compulsive Behaviour

Maybe you are coming to this page realising and reflecting. Perhaps you have noticed for a while that your use has become out of control, or the behaviour of the person you care about has become erratic, I have worked therapeutically with alcohol, drugs and porn addiction; sexual compulsive and risk taking behaviours and other dependencies.

At their best these behaviours can be a welcome distraction from the woes and strains of modern life. Perhaps a welcome release that can provide the freedom of altered states of consciousness. At worst they can be a misunderstood and costly social parasite, which not only affects the individual involved in using them, but also those who care most for their well-being.

The use, whether it is an addiction, compulsive behaviour or dependency, can provide both pleasure and pain. It can provide pain relief from difficult feelings from the past. It could perhaps give you the confidence to deal with social anxiety or the closer connection you want to feel with others.

Counselling can provide long-term emotional support throughout the journey from noticing that there may be an issue evolving, to offering support whilst in long-term recovery.

Counselling will help to explore your triggers and remain clean.

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